Grav is a Flat File CMS making it a smart choice for smaller websites. The award winning CMS is OpenSource and all code is available in Github.

What’s the difference between a flat file CMS and a Database backed CMS? article that explains the difference.

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Pros & Cons from ZipBoard


  • Open source with easy backup/restore.
  • Amazing media processing ability : You can crop,compress,add attributes to and resize any image with just single line twig code.
  • Caching capability : All the media changes are automatically saved in the server cache, until you delete it.
  • Own Package Manager : It makes experimenting with themes or skeletons quite easy. It also provides you with extended functionality in terms of free plugins(74),themes(33) & skeletons(21).
  • Console tools with debugging capabilities.
  • Multilingual support and version control

Cons :

  • Cannot handle projects with complex database requirements.
  • User needs to learn how to use markdown.
  • Manual modification & configuration is required for some features

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