Would you like to create a doorway to your domain? Create a sort of digital business card that points your audience to various dimensions of your digital presence, for example: a blog, a course page, professional site and more.

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A configurable WordPress Theme version of HTML5UP Dimension template made for the internet by Alan Levine. It creates a simple, elegant calling card.


“For simple content, this can be a one page site, but use of the WordPress more tag allows for longer content on a single page template, while what is above the tag appears on the home page of the site. The top/splash screen is configured in the WordPress Customizer. The backdrop image is managed by the Header Background controls in the Customizer, which means you have an option of loading several images that can be set to appear at random on page load. Subsequent sections as you scroll down (or use the automatic generated menu) are managed as separate posts. If the post has a featured image, on a wide screen the background image will change to it. As the page is scrolled farther, these images continue to change.”

The installation from the reclaim hosting cpanel is quick and easy. Read more.